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Support Israel’s Security, Not Its Conquests

Americans have a deep sympathy for Israel’s founding story, which is rooted in the Jewish people’s emergence from one of the greatest crimes of all time- the Holocaust. We recognize that since its founding, Israel has experienced continuous hostility from some of its neighbors – a hostility that continues today. Americans will always have Israel’s back in the face of violent extremism and aggression. Mormons are especially sympathetic with the plight of Israeli Jews as our faith was born amidst

President Obama Endorsed by Mormon Democrats

In 2008, President Barack Obama was elected into one of the worst economic disasters since Franklin Roosevelt stepped into the Oval Office. The United States economy was shedding approximately 800,000 jobs per month. Home foreclosures were skyrocketing and the stock market plummeted. From continuing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the Recovery Act, to the emergency bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, policies pursued by the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve put a floor on the recession and returned

Come on Exxon, Be a Leader!

Procter and Gamble is a great American company.  In 1837 two immigrant brother-in-laws combined their soap and candle business to start what would eventually become the largest consumer products company in the world.  Their early beginnings are a testament to American capitalism, and just as important, patriotism.  In 1860 on the brink of Civil War, William Procter and James Gamble were concerned about their supply of red oil critical for making soap and candles shipped from the South.  In a strategic move

No More Oil Subsidies!

I smile every time a pundit tries to link escalating gas prices to our president.  Not because I am satisfied with the erroneous connection, but out of amused exasperation at the hypocrisy that continually plagues polarizing talking heads.  Gas pricing is a function of market dynamics, meaning that it is driven by supply, demand, and speculation.  Any action by President Obama to influence pricing would be governmental regulation, which opposes conservatives’ fundamental advocacy of smaller government.  The only organizations that can truly impact

After Iraq, Support the Troops

The last convoy of U.S. troops departed from Iraq last week, marking the end of a nearly 9-year war. I am grateful that the Obama Administration did not extend the troop presence any longer, despite harsh criticism from neoconservative Republicans like Mitt Romney, who would have preferred we kept troops in Iraq almost into perpetuity. I was never a supporter of the war, even prior to its commencement. The consequences of the war have been far reaching and disastrous for

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Opening up My Yahoo! this morning yielded quite a surprise. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Iraq? The surprise was not due to the event, but the low attention paid by the conservative media. This event is a witness to how poorly we have progressed in Iraq. A little history… In the Iraq – Iran contra back in the 1980’s, over one million Iraqis and Iranians lost their lives in a war which brought national attention. Guns were sold to Saddam Hussein to

Representative Tim Ryan

Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) Congressman Ryan makes a point concerning the torture bill being debated in Congress. Worth a listen.

Holy Shiite! The Sunnis have lost control…

As we continue to fight this global war on terror (actually, let me rephrase that), as we fight this war in Iraq it is alarming how many American’s have no idea of the power struggles between Sunnis and Shiites. Who can deny that Saddam Hussein was an evil and malice dictator? However, would you be shocked to know that woman’s rights in Iraq, America’s relations with Iran, and partisanship in Iraq has become increasingly worse without Saddam? Saddam is a

Study on the number of Iraqi deaths

There is a new report being published today trying to determine how many Iraqi lives have been taken by the war. The figure of 655,000 deaths might shock you, as they did me, largely due to the poor reporting of today’s media. The writeup can be found in the Washington Post.