Race and LDS Religious Identification in the 2012 Election

As some of you may know, I was raised on Chicago’s South Side and attended a multiracial Mormon ward (congregation) for 15 years where many of my leaders and teachers were black. Our ward was also full of people across the political spectrum so I guess it is about time the NY Times caught up with the racial and political diversity among the LDS population. After all, it has been a reality in my faith and in my life for decades now. I see this attention as a very healthy development in the Mormon moment of 2012. (I would also note that a majority of those interviewed are planning, like me, to vote for President Obama.)


About the author

Jake is a Ph.D. Candidate in Public Affairs, Urban Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University. He was the president of the BYU Democrats as an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University in 2000-2001. Jake has lived the majority of his life as a member of the LDS Church in racially, ethnically, and politically diverse branches in Chicago, Guatemala, Harlem (NY), and New Jersey. He recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Sociology at BYU to begin in August 2012. From dinner table discussions and friendly debates among members in Chicago, Jake believes a healthy perspective on faith and politics requires open, civil dialogue and looks forward to contributing to MormonDems.com.