Texas Textbooks- Don’t Let Your Kids Read ‘Em!

Recently the Texas Board of Education undertook efforts to significantly revise Texas’ history, social studies, and economics curriculum along unapologetically ideological lines. No historians, sociologists, economists, or other experts were consulted at the meetings in which the revisions were debated and approved. Here’s a humorous look at the way the changes were made.

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Don’t Mess With Textbooks
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About the author

I have been an active Latter-Day Saint all of my life and have also been an enthusiastic Democrat and progressive since my days as an economics undergraduate student at Brigham Young University. The hostile climate towards progressives at BYU inspired me to get involved with the BYU College Democrats, where I served as president during my senior year. I have since obtained a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Oklahoma. I served a full-time mission to the Philippines. I’m active in my local ward, happily married and have two rambunctious little boys and an infant daughter.