mormondem2Mission Statement of the Site: To foster data-based discussion around current issues while driving awareness for the progressive Mormon community.

In essence, our content should not only educate fellow members of the LDS community, but appeal to persons of all political persuasions across our readership. Our articles bring a different point of view by re-framing the issues and driving constructive debate.

Here are the objectives of our posts:

  • Authors are allowed to write on any topic they desire, primarily focusing on a unique perspective which contributes to the larger debate.
  • Each post should be concise and persuasive, delivering clear points of view driving impact.  As they say in politics, “if you are explaining, you are losing”.
  • All subject matter, including comments, must be “church” rated — we do not support trolling (this includes comments on posts).
  • Each author actively seeks different points of view, including those with opposite views (fact-based and coherent of course!).
  • We avoid broad-based assumptions without data, which can be undermined and destroy the credibility of the content.
  • We believe in fact-checking all data and claims.
  • We avoid conspiracy theories and stay within the bounds of what can be proven. Conspiracy theories detract from the message of this site and weaken our collective credibility.
  • We will not use this blog to lash out at opposing viewpoints, however, we will not shy away from defending our beliefs.
  • We actively try to recruit other Mormon Democrats who are uniquely positioned to add to the credibility of this blog.

Final approval of all content is facilitated by the site’s administrators. Our organization’s primary concern is delivering high quality perspective and content, which is synonymous with our website.

***We do not represent either the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the Democratic Party in any official capacity. Our views reflect our own personal opinions.

12 thoughts on “Overview

  1. How do you become an approved author? which I am actulally not interested in at this point. I’m more interested in talking to the folks in charge of this blog.

    Why? Because I wrote a book defending Mormon Democrats (available at Deseret Book, as well as Amazon and on Kindle). The twist is that I am an LDS right-wing conservative. But I can’t stand partisanship.

    Anyway, please contact me. I’d love to help out somehow.

  2. My understanding of the Church’s position on Politics is that it is not affiliated with any party or movement and encourages the members to evaluate all issue solutions and candidates with regard to their qualifications in the light of the Gospel. I don’t see the utility of dividing us into political party camps when our goal should be to become of one heart and mind on issues that we might progress to real solutions. Political parties are tools of the world to drive agendas and create power bases. I can see the utility of a site devoted simply to discussing issues and solutions with out limiting it to the narrow rhetoric of political party talking points.

    • That’s the Official Mantra but it is hardly reality. They kept offering George W honorary doctorates which he turned down. Then offered it to Dick Chaney which he accepted. That’s rather blatant. Then threatened protestors who disagreed with arrest for trespassing. The Stake President here also has given a lecture that is supposedly non partison.

  3. Your blog just showed up in my google alerts. I’m so glad to see it! I hope you are all aware of LDS Dems, an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party. It seems at least one of you lives in Utah, we’d love to get you involved. We’re actually having our first national meeting of LDS Dems in Charlotte on Tuesday, perhaps one of you all can help us spread the word to people on the east coast, particularly, as it will be easiest for them to attend it. I am the state chair of LDS Dems.


  4. Hi Crystal — Talk to Craig Janis — he is one of our sponsors.

    Jake is the only one who lives in Utah — and he is a professor at BYU — look him up 🙂

  5. Hello
    I am doing a film about mormons and politics from all sides. I was wonder if you had anything that i could use for the film (pictures,video,etc).
    Tyler Ricks

  6. Are there any groups of Democratic/Progressive LDS Mormons organized in Oregon? If so where?

  7. I live in Portland OR and would love to see some kind of lDS democratic group organized here. In fact I would be willing to contribute substantial time to make it happen. Anyone that has info or advice is welcome to contact me on Facebook.

  8. Hey, folks. I just recently (and, admittedly, reluctantly) crossed the line in Texas and voted in the Democratic primary. I explained the switch in my blog at http://mutteringmormon.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/a-mormon-democrat/ If it is something you have any interest in republishing, please let me know.

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